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Collected Cool Things Inspired by Steering Toward Normal

Advice from a cow: Be outstanding in your field. Eat plenty of greens. Take time to ruminate. Know when to hoof it. Swing your tail. It's OK to be a little moo-dy. Be udderly brilliant! (Discovered on a T-shirt by my cousin.)

The ever brilliant Bill Watterson in Calvin & Hobbes:

Calvin & Hobbes Cow Impression
Calvin & Hobbes People of Hamburg

Honorable Mention in the National Geographic 2013 Photo Contest

By Andrew Lever, who is awesome

Cows and Kites by Andrew Lever

Lever's description: I was driving along the beach highway when I noticed the bulls sunbathing on the empty beach. I initially thought I was seeing things,but no it really was sunbathing cows! I had to park my car a fair distance away and that meant a long walk along the beach in 35 degree heat [Celsius; 95-degress Fahrenheit]. It did not matter because I had to get the shot! When I got closer to them I was careful not to spook them so I crawled on my stomach on the hot sand to get a good picture of them. Mission Accomplished! It was worth the effort!

The earliest hockey games used frozen cow dung for pucks. (from Mental Floss, Dec. 2013)

Cow Lick cartoon

Hahaha! My head is littered with these, too. Found on by my friend Maria. 

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