SERVICES: Plot Consults, Critiques, Mentorship, Visits

Rebecca Petruck, with balloons


I'm a logic/organizer type, which means I'm excellent at helping others plan plots--and I love to do it. 

Save yourself a draft or three by using me to help you think through the big picture of your manuscript, be it a brand-new WIP or a story in need of revision. 

The approach is loose enough for pantsers, providing direction without constriction, and structured enough for plotters, ensuring the focus remains on the key elements. A little pre-planning saves you time, pages, and heartache. (I know; I've had to delete multiple characters and entire story lines, too.)

There are two approaches:


A) $175

  • I read your pitch, synopsis, or scribbled notes...we don't need much to get started! 

  • Then we talk as long as we need to frame out the major elements of your plot.

B) $500

  • I read your manuscript (read only; no page mark-ups)

  • Then we talk as long as we need. 

I promise by the end of our conversation, you will have a solid plan for moving forward and be excited to get to work! 


To arrange an online or in-person PLOT YOUR NOVEL workshop, please email.



I've critiqued literally thousands of pages of children's and adult fiction. A critique includes manuscript mark-up, an extensive letter highlighting what works, what needs work, and suggestions, as well as a follow-up phone call to discuss questions or brainstorm ideas.


I critique full manuscripts and partials. I also do multi-month mentorships.



  • Critiques are quoted by word count. A 50,000-word manuscript is generally $1000, though varies if I've worked with you before. 


A 4-month mentorship is $1000. This includes: 

  • initial conversation based on your first 20 pages and synopsis 

  • 1x monthly assignments for 3 months including readings, exercises, new pages to submit to me, and a phone call

  • the 4th month, you are asked to significantly revise or write 20 new pages based on our discussions, which will be critiqued as for any client (marked-up MS, edit letter, follow-up phone call)





I offer free 30-minute Skype visits for educators. (Or Google Hangout, Zoom, etc.) A typical visit includes:

  • a brief reading

  • discussion about writing and/or the book

  • a few book recommendations

  • Q&A

I also participate in #FirstChapterFridays, in which I'll read the first chapter of one of my own books or a book I recommend. The book is selected with you so we can be sure you have it in your school. ​

For in-person author visits, a full day is $1000 + travel expenses. It includes 3 class presentations plus lunch with a small group of students. Half-day visits are only available within a 100-mile radius of Creston, NC, and are $600 for 2 class presentations plus lunch with a small group.