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Boy Bites Bug Bonuses!

Click here to READ the first five chapters of Boy Bites Bug.

To order a SIGNED copy of Boy Bites Bug, please contact Foggy Pine Books at or 828-386-1219.

Note: For a signed copy, please do not order through the online store. It will be fulfilled by the distributor; I will not be able to sign it. Thanks!

Little Herds is a wonderful resource for EDUCATORS and others with a beginning interest in edible insects. 

BRING The Bug Chef to your school or event! David George Gordon has been an advocate for entomophagy for years, and his The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook was invaluable in writing my own book. 

FARM edible insects! If you would like to become a producer of edible insects, especially those interested in farming crickets, contact Bugs, Inc. for information and support. This is a rapidly growing industry, and students can launch a micro business in their backyards!

HEAR from leaders in the entomophagy community at THE ENTO PODCAST


Aketta: 15% discount! Code: BBB

Cricket Flours 

Entomo Farms: 25% discount for schools! Code: SCHOOL

This is also a wonderful resource for information about the health and environmental benefits of entomophagy

Future Food Shop

Merci Mercado: 10% discount! Code: BoyBitesBug

One Hop Kitchen

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch: The sesame ant brittle is f-ANT-astic!

Seek Food: Free shipping! Code: BOYBITESBUG

Thailand Unique: 15% discount! Code: 37981


Chirps Chips

Don Bugito

Ento Market

San Diego Waxworms

Wild Food Farm

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