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A Haunted Halloween Tale of Horror

This is a poem I wrote for my parents when I was a freshman in college. Proof, clearly, that I was long destined for writerly greatness.

A Haunted Halloween Tale of Horror There was once a young girl Who loved her mom and dad And tried to make something To keep them from being sad On Halloween She got all her friends To make pictures and poems And determined to send them As soon as she managed to roam To the post office But oh no she was waylaid, lost A pumpkin came and I knew at all costs He’d try to squoosh My car I swerved, I swirled, I tossed, I turned I did it all But still my stomach churned In fear That pumpkin was big, Dad, really big! It came out of nowhere Like a big mack truck OPTIONAL ENDING NUMBER ONE But it spontaneously combusted Boy, was I in luck! OPTIONAL ENDING NUMBER TWO So I swerved to avoid it And BUT DIDN’T ha ha (Also noted on the manuscript of awesome: Don’t forget toilet paper) Previous draft (so all may share in the process of creating genius):

It was all Hallow’s Eve And boy was I peeved My costume had a ripped sleeve So I ran to Bender The ripped costume mender And wouldn’t you know someone had Hit my fender! (No, Mom, I didn’t get in an accident, it’s just a poem after all.)


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