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Pitch Wars 2021: MG & Me!

Updated: Sep 4

I'm so excited to mentor a writer again this year! This will be my 7th year and 8th mentee. Get to know:

Alexis Larkin: @LarkinLetters & read our PW team interview. She's rep'd by Tara Gonzalez at EMLA!

Rhonda Roumani: @rroumani & read our PW team interview. She's rep'd by Brent Taylor at Triada US!

Waka T. Brown: @W_T_Brown, read her PW success story. She's rep'd by Penny Moore at Aevitas Creative! Order Waka's memoir, WHILE I WAS AWAY, here, and pre-order her sophomore novel, DREAM, ANNIE, DREAM here!

Robin Lemke: @rebobinar & our PW team interview.

Liz Edelbrock: @ledelbrock & her PW story.

Jen Bryson: @js_bryson & our PW team interview.

Priscilla Mizell: @priscillamizell & our PW team interview.

They are wonderful people and so talented!

To get to know me and several other MG mentors, I've created a Twitter list of all the 2021 MG mentors--subscribe here.

Here is also a Twitter search of "Pitch Wars MG" to make sure you don't miss any of the yumminess.

I did a PW Live chat with a few other wonderful mentors. See the video HERE.

You might be interested in these craft posts I wrote:

Let the Main Character Drive the Bus

Chapter Endings, the End is Only the Beginning

The Dread Pirate Synopsis: Into the Shallows

I've also commented several times on the Four on 400 first page critiques on The Winged Pen.

I'll be on Twitter and am glad to answer questions about writing and craft--but no trying to trick me into spilling about my wish list! :) For questions about Pitch Wars and how things happen, the web site is a great resource managed by fantastic people.

I look forward to meeting you and especially to reading your submissions!

Happy writing!

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